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Immersion stays

Stay at your teacher's house and live like a local !



For private immersions, you will stay at my house which is a 18th century mansion with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a nice garden with a large swimming pool.


Learn French, improve your skills, learn more French, keep improving your skills. And put it all into practice !Try some local restaurants and visit some interesting places... Make the most of your stay with us !



  • Pick up at Biarritz airport or Bayonne station

*possibility to be picked up in Bordeaux - extra charge will apply

  • Accomodation at your teacher's house

You will stay in a 18th century mansion with swimming pool, double bedroom and private bathroom. 

7 days, 6 nights - arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday.


  • 5 hours lesson/conversation every day (except for arrival and departure days)

Improve your knowledge of French language, develop your grammar skills, practice with your teacher and repeat. Check your progress while conversing with locals !

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at home - 2 meals at a local restaurant

  • Taste the food French eat every day and discover some local specialties ! 

  • 3 excursions a week

  • Nature, history, culture. Discover the wonders of the Southwest region, meet local people and check your progress !

2 guests


Discover, learn and share an unforgettable experience with your partner in crime.

3890 €


2 guests


Let your local French teacher guide you through this 100% French experience!

2490 €

lego solo.jpeg

1 guest

Group Immersions

 6 to 8 persons  


Learn French with your besties !

Bring them with you or meet them on the spot !


  • Pick up at Biarritz airport or Bayonne station

*possibility to be picked up in Bordeaux - extra charge will apply

  • Accomodation 

You will share a house with your teacher and the other participants.

7 days, 6 nights - arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday (check out by 11am. )

  • 2 hours lesson every day

Learn the basics of French language and practice with the other students during the class. Then apply your new skills while interacting with locals during the visits and excursions !

  • 1 meal at a restaurant - lunch or dinner - the other one at home

Try a new restaurant every day and taste some typical food.​

Taste the food French eat every day! Learn the secrets of some regional recipes and cook with your friends ! 

  • At least 1 activity a day

Discover the region while having fun !

Hike in the Pyrennes mountains, visit castles and museums, discover a local market and its products, and a lot more...

  • Free time

E​njoy some free time 


Smaller groups can be organised.
Please contact me to arrange details.




Half Day Tour

  • 1 person : from 120€

  • 2 people: from 180€

  • 3 or more: on demand

  • 1 person : from 260€

  • 2 people: from 320€

  • 3 or more: on demand

   Full Day Tour

  • 1 person : from 290 €

  • 2 people: from 350€

  • 3 people or more: on demand

Day trip with French lesson


Program :

  • Lunch at a restaurant 

Discover a local restaurant and taste some typical and delicious French food.

  • 1 activity 

Choose your program according to your tastes and interests and walk the streets of a city, discover the beauty of a natural site or dive into History while visiting a church or a castle.

  • 2 hours lesson in the morning - optional

Learn the vocabulary you will need during the visits and practice role plays to be able to interact with locals (ordering at the restaurant, shopping at the market, etc).


Why doing a French immersion with us?

    Travel different

Traveling or studying, having fun or learning, why choosing if you can do both at the same time?

Learn  and practise outside the classroom, meet new people and interact with locals. After all, this is why you're learning French, right?

  Visit a new place

Known for its great cuisine, its breathtaking landscapes and its very strong identity, South West region is very unique. Don't think twice, it's definitely worth a visit. Or Two. Or more because the exploration of this extraordinary place is endless.

Experience the authentic French lifestyle while staying with your French teacher and meeting native French people.


Live at the pace of French culture and go with the French flow. Too much "French" can ... WAIT, you can never have too much French.

Live the real French life


  Speak French



Learn the rudiments of French language and practice through authentic interactions.

The daily lessons will allow you to learn the basics of French language. 

This program will give you enough knowledge and confidence to be able to interact with locals through a simple conversation.


You will be able to order food at the restaurant, buy items at the market and ask questions about people's life and activities.

  Eat  French


If you love France, you love French food. Lucky you! Basque Country has not only a fascinating culture and breathtaking landscapes, but also one of the best cuisine in the world !


Dive into Basque gastronomy and discover a wide range of delicious specialties while visiting some unique restaurants.

Become a chef for a day and learn how to cook some delicious recipes using local ingredients.


Impress your family and friends with your new cooking skills back home !

  Live  French

photo-1529088363398-8efc64a0eb95 (1).jpeg
  • Enjoy delicious French food everyday​

  • Shop at the local market 

  • Find treasures at the "brocante" 

  • Visit historical sites 

  • Enjoy exceptional natural landscapes​

  • ... or simply chill by the swimming pool waiting for the most important moment of a French day: l'apero!

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