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Travel different

Welcome to BMG Immersion.

Learn French while discovering the wonders of the Southwest region and choose an immersion program tailored to your needs!

Why doing a French immersion with us?

    Travel different

Traveling or studying, having fun or learning, why choosing if you can do both at the same time?

Learn  and practise outside the classroom, meet new people and interact with locals. After all, this is why you're learning French, right?

  Visit a new place

Known for its great cuisine, its breathtaking landscapes and its very strong identity, South West region is very unique. Don't think twice, it's definitely worth a visit. Or Two. Or more because the exploration of this extraordinary place is endless.

Experience the authentic French lifestyle while staying with your French teacher and meeting native French people.


Live at the pace of French culture and go with the French flow. Too much "French" can ... WAIT, you can never have too much French.

Live the real French life

What does a French immersion with us look like?

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