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Half Day Tour

  • 1 people: from 90€

  • 2 people: from 140€

  • 3 or more: on demand

  • 1 people: from 210€

  • 2 people: from 260€

  • 3 or more: on demand

   Full Day Tour

  • 1 people: from 240 €

  • 2 people: from 299 €

  • 3 people or more: on demand

Day trip with French lesson


Program :

  • Lunch at a restaurant 

Discover a local restaurant and taste some typical and delicious French food.

  • 1 activity 

Choose your program according to your tastes and interests and walk the streets of a city, discover the beauty of a natural site or dive into History while visiting a church or a castle.

  • 2 hours lesson in the morning - optional

Learn the vocabulary you will need during the visits and practice role plays to be able to interact with locals (ordering at the restaurant, shopping at the market, etc).


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