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Family Immersion

family, adults and children

Children are WELCOME !

Frenchize your family with an unforgettable experience !


  • Pick up at Biarritz airport or Bayonne station

*possibility to be picked up in Bordeaux - extra charge will apply

  • Accomodation at your teacher's house

You will stay in a 18th century mansion with swimming pool, double bed and private bathroom

  • 2 hours practice every day

Adults: role plays, games, vocabulary and grammar

Children: games in French, story reading, French songs...

Immerse yourself and your children in a real French world.

Learn the basics of the language or improve your knowledge and practice straight away through authentic interactions.

Get your children used to hear French. Follow their improvements and see them interacting in French.

  • 1 meal at a restaurant a day - lunch or dinner - the other one at home

Make your family discover some authentic French meals and share some delicious and tasty dishes with them;

 Share happy moments with your loved ones while cooking together !

  • 1 activity a day 

 Basque country is a very diversified region and you will find happiness amongst our wide range of activities: hiking, rafting, museums, cultural events, etc. But if you don't, you can still chill at home... Or read a book... in French of course!

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